Dont let criticism get you down

18 Jul

So, the thought behind this is that I have recently joined a site where you submit your designs answering competition briefs. Needless to say you get a few knock-backs.

You hear it everywhere, ‘Dont take it personally’ how can we not take it personally?? really?? we (designers) spend hours creating and re-tweaking designs to meet your clients satisfaction. How can we not take it personally when we have spent so long on it??

I read in ‘Advanced Photoshop’ and ‘Computer Arts’ a lot of interviews asking designers how they separate personal and business, a lot of the time they respond by saying they have a blow out (much like this) after they have finished with the client.

Me personally, I dont think you can ever separate yourself from your work. It’s who you are after all.

If any of you are interested in the sites with the design briefs they are either:

Concept Cupboard  or  99Designs


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