How much would it cost to be Batman??

18 Aug

Here someone has taken the time to work out how much it would cost if you were actually Batman. They probably had way too much time on their hands but the outcome is quite impressive in the form of an info-graphic. The layout and colours work well together, showing off what Batman has to offer.

“If Batman were real, how much would it cost to become him?

As a superhero with no super powers, Batman needs to use his wealth to maintain his physical fitness and buy cool gadgets.

He needs everything from training to costume materials and designs, and various vehicles and gadgets. has put together an infographic that takes a look at how much a real-life ‘Batman’ would cost.

In the infographic, it states that Batman’s vehicles cost a total of almost $80 million; his gadgets, $213,610; his estate, $37,000; and his training and education, $213,610.

All this totals up to over $682 million—just 1 billion times less than the cost of a Death Star.

Do you think anyone earning that much in the world could be Batman?” – taken from Taxi Magazine


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