Diet Coke Makes Redesigned Cans A Permanent Change

20 Aug

I found this about a diet coke ‘re-brand’ so do we like it or not? I’m still undecided

‘Beginning 1 September, Diet Coke will be switching to its limited-edition Diet Coke packaging designed by Turner Duckworth that was introduced last fall.
The new permanent design for its cans features an enlarged, cropped version of the logo, to make its ‘D’ and ‘k’ prominent—while its color scheme of red, black, and silver background remains the same.

The change in packaging design will only be implemented on its cans, and not its bottles.

A spokesperson for the brand, Kerry Tressler, told AdAge, that the cropped logo is coming back “by popular demand”.

The design goes “hand-in-hand with the brand’s efforts to align itself with the fashion community”. ‘ – Taken from Taxi magazine




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