Illustrator Reimagines Famous Movie Showdowns

20 Aug

This illustrator from New York is amazing, his scratchy sketchy images have a roughness about them that draws you in. I love how he has taken care with his images, he reminds me of Rol Dahl. A great amount of effort will have gone into these drawings so that they look like the scene from the movies we all know and love. My favourite has to be the Twilight one (as I am a twilight fan) but I think it really captures the characters to the core. I love this style of work, I wish I could create images like this.



‘New York-based illustratorScott Campbell has taken some of Hollywood’s greatest movie showdowns and reimagined them as humorous encounters between the heroes and villains.

He has taken movies such as ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘V For Vendetta’, ‘Star Wars’ and ‘The Incredibles’ and documented their ‘epic’ showdowns.

Please visit his blogThe Great Showdown, to view his entire collection of illustrations.’ -Taken from Taxi magazine




Space Jam


Who Framed Roger Rabbit


V for Vendetta




Charlie and The Chocolate Factory


The Notebook




Snow White


The Incredibles




Jurassic Park


Snakes on a Plane


Harry Potter






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