Multicolored Layered Paper Sculptures by Maud Vantours

22 Aug

I have always been interested in paper manipulations such as pop-ups and the Japanese art of origami, but this is on another ‘level’ if you like. Amazing artwork created from layers of coloured paper. So I guess that puts it into the sculptures category. I would love to have the vision and patience to create something like this.

Article taken from

Paris-based designer and artist Maud Vantours carefully constructs these paper sculptures by hand, layering paper after paper and then cutting into them to reveal gorgeous shapes or mesmerizing patterns. In her recently created series Botany(see example above), beautiful three dimensional flowers are constructed petal by petal while in Spirales, rainbow-colored vortexes seem to go on forever.

“Color, material and patterns have an important place in my work, like paper, which became my favorite material. I cut it to create inspired patterns in volume. My design creations are original graphics of multicolored and dreamlike landscapes.”







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