Ever so subtle gifs

29 Aug

Another amazing article about animated gifs, apart from this one focuses on people and very subtle animations have been added. Showing that you don’t need to go all out and over the top with an animation, even the smallest one can turn heads and get you noticed. Love this post, I hope you do too. Like my other posts, give them a few minutes to work, if not click on the image and it should come to life.

‘It’s been a few months since we first wrote about how gifs have been taken to a higher art form with Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg’s Cinemagraphs. Since then we’ve seen others show us their own high quality work like Mike Pecci, who made us stop and stare at his Living Images.

We can’t get enough of this trend, so when we saw Ana Pais’ series, Eternal Moments, we knew we had to write about it. The 24-year-old freelance graphic designer and photographer creates these gifs from a music video called Keep on Dancingwhich was directed by André Tentugal. Notice the muted colors and the subtlety. A blink of an eye, a rock of the head, smoke seeping out of the mouth…almost feels ghostly… ‘

Taken from – mymodernmet.com









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