Dizzying Photographs from Below the Floor by Michael H. Rohde

10 Sep

Ok so these images take a little bit of getting used to. At first I definitely felt dizzy looking at them. I think it is interesting thought, to look at a room from the floor, you only really do that when your drunk n then you cant exactly remember it. So yeah when you get your head around the dizziness, I think these photos are quite cool.

Taken from design-milk.com

FROM BELOW is a series of photographs by German photographer Michael H. Rohde that makes you do a double take, and may even set your heart aflutter.”

It’s as if you’re standing under a glass ceiling looking up at the floor above you, peeking at everything above. Or, Honey, I’ve Shrunk the Kids has suddenly become your reality. Yet, instead of making you feel a renewed sense of perspective, these photographs make you feel almost disoriented and unstable.






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