An App That Helps Freelancers Put A Price For Their Services

13 Sep

This looks like an amazing app for all us freelancers out there. I know I always struggle when someone asks me to design something for them as to what to charge them, as I have little experience in the field. But by the sounds of it, this app does all the hard work for you and advises you roughly what you should be charging. I will definitely be looking for this app!!

Taken from

“As a freelancer, some of you may find it quite difficult to give reasonable quotes to clients for your services—if the quote is too high, you’ll lose a potential client—too low and you’ll end up making a loss.

To help freelancers tackle this problem, a new iOS app called ‘MyPrice’ helps them calculate how much they should charge for their services—by taking into account factors such as education, work experience, the nature of the project, client and location.

With MyPrice, the app will provide freelancers with an estimate and reasonable figure of how much they should charge for each project—whether it’s on hourly rates or a per-project basis.

As a cloud-based software, the app allows users to save previous templates of their past projects for future references.

It even provides tips on how they can further their career as a freelancer.

MyPrice is currently free for download on the iTunes Store.”









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