Beer Brand Spoofs ‘Edward Scissorhands’ To Create ‘Edward Beerbottlehands’

13 Sep

Ok so I don’t really get this advert, it’s so random and me personally, I don’t think it will be overly successful. But with everything you have to try it before you dismiss it completely so I will be staying open minded about it.

Taken from

“To advertise Argentinian beer brand Andes’ new wide-mouth beer bottle, ad agency Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi spoofed the movie Edward Scissorhands and silent movies.

In the somewhat-humorous, silent short ad, a man who has his fingers stuck in beer bottles hires a helper.

As the ad approaches the end, ‘Edward Beerbottlehands’ no longer needs someone to care for him, as Andes introduced its wide-mouth bottles and his fingers can no longer get stuck in them—breaking the heart of his helper that has (probably) fallen in love with him.”






















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