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Book: ‘Design Talks: Contemporary Creatives on Architecture and Design’ by Massimo de Conti

10 Sep

Ok so I  don’t really post a lot about books I have found. But this one really caught my eye. Back in school, when I decided that Art for my fort-ay, I wanted to become an architect. This book is basically a compilation of interviews with successful architects. Taking you through how they got into it and some of their designs, plus tips and advice they want to pass on to aspiring designers. It’s definitely worth a read.

Taken from

“If you have ever wondered what inspires the world’s leading designers and architects in their work, this book will offer an intriguing insight. Produced by Images Publishing, ‘Design Talks: Contemporary Creatives on Architecture and Design’ is an engaging collection of interviews that delves into the creative minds of the design and architecture movers and shakers of today.

Written and compiled over two years by architecture pundit Massimo de Conti, the book features a stellar cast of industry luminaries, from John Pawson to Zaha HadidSteven Holl and Philippe Starck. ‘I realized that the interviews I had done – some of which were published in BMM magazine – were very powerful, so I started to come up with the idea of a book,’ explains de Conti.

‘They are architects and designers who I admire and that I actually wanted to talk to and discover more about, ‘ says de Conti, who spent nearly a decade developing the press office for London-based architecture firm Claudio Silvestrin.

A journey through the vision behind what has informed some of the design world’s most outstanding projects, this book of conversations features a selection of charismatic portrait shots and photographs of the iconic works. Each interview is accompanied with a personal quote about the designer by de Conti. ‘I wanted a format that allowed me to find out more about the man or woman behind some great projects,’ says de Conti. ‘Not only from a professional, but also a personal point of view,’

Currently available as an eBook, with the print version to be released at a later date, the compendium is an earnest and refreshing approach into the compelling world of the design elite. ‘I like the idea that people might discover something more about somebody they admire, and maybe laugh!’ concludes de Conti.”


Design meets Disability

23 Aug

I think that this will be a must read book for design degree students. It takes you through how some our most epic designs come from disabilities. Turning them into a fashion piece. You can have a sneak peek inside the book at to see if you like what you read. Graham Pullin (the author) will not disappoint, the first of many to come.

Heres the book description:

Eyeglasses have been transformed from medical necessity to fashion accessory. This revolution has come about through embracing the design culture of the fashion industry. Why shouldn’t design sensibilities also be applied to hearing aids, prosthetic limbs, and communication aids? In return, disability can provoke radical new directions in mainstream design. Charles and Ray Eames’s iconic furniture was inspired by a molded plywood leg splint that they designed for injured and disabled servicemen. Designers today could be similarly inspired by disability. In Design Meets Disability, Graham Pullin shows us how design and disability can inspire each other. In the Eameses’ work there was a healthy tension between cut-to-the-chase problem solving and more playful explorations. Pullin offers examples of how design can meet disability today. Why, he asks, shouldn’t hearing aids be as fashionable as eyewear? What new forms of braille signage might proliferate if designers kept both sighted and visually impaired people in mind? Can simple designs avoid the need for complicated accessibility features? Can such emerging design methods as “experience prototyping” and “critical design” complement clinical trials? Pullin also presents a series of interviews with leading designers about specific disability design projects, including stepstools for people with restricted growth, prosthetic legs (and whether they can be both honest and beautifully designed), and text-to-speech technology with tone of voice. When design meets disability, the diversity of complementary, even contradictory, approaches can enrich each field.Graham Pullin is a lecturer in Interactive Media Design at the University of Dundee. He has worked as a senior designer at IDEO, one of the world’s leading design consultancies, and at the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering, a prominent rehabilitation engineering center in the United Kingdom. He has received international design awards for design for disability and for mainstream products.

Fifty Shades. . .

5 Jul

Well the book that everyone is talking about is the Fifty Shades trilogy . . .

and wow it doesn’t disappoint. I have to say though, be prepared for some X-rated descriptions, throughout the whole of each book. It’s a little slow to start off with, but what book isn’t, it’s trying to set the scene. Once it gets going there is NO-WAY you will put the books down.

I went away to Corfu for a week and had finished the 3 books by the time I landed back home. My fella wasn’t too impressed when he sneakily read a page which was quite explicit, he said ‘it’s like porn, written down’

However, don’t let that put you off. It’s an amazing read, and theres a really heartfelt story behind all the sex.

All we need now is the film…Bring It On