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How to Know When to Start Your Own Business

11 Sep

I think this is a really helpful site for budding entrepreneurs and designers alike. The info-graphic is detailed and completed so that it would be helpful to people, rather thank bombarding them with random information. It breaks it down it to little bitsize pieces so you can get your head around it.

Taken from

“There will always be a reason why now isn’t the right time to start your own business. And there will always be a reason it is.”

“Have a look at the infographic (below) from the startup organization Funders and Founders that challenges many of the excuses life presents. You just started school? Well, says Anna Vital, the organization’s founder, just going to school alone won’t do anything for you, you have got to get out there and “do.” Vital recommends you get your business idea rolling while you are in school. Just got married and too busy settling down to launch a business? Vital says you have just got yourself a perfect co-founder.”

“Fear of the unknown is the biggest obstacle for many want-to-be-entrepreneurs. But everyone struggles with some degree of fear. Many people are far better off when they do exactly what they are the most afraid of.”

How much would it cost to be Batman??

18 Aug

Here someone has taken the time to work out how much it would cost if you were actually Batman. They probably had way too much time on their hands but the outcome is quite impressive in the form of an info-graphic. The layout and colours work well together, showing off what Batman has to offer.

“If Batman were real, how much would it cost to become him?

As a superhero with no super powers, Batman needs to use his wealth to maintain his physical fitness and buy cool gadgets.

He needs everything from training to costume materials and designs, and various vehicles and gadgets. has put together an infographic that takes a look at how much a real-life ‘Batman’ would cost.

In the infographic, it states that Batman’s vehicles cost a total of almost $80 million; his gadgets, $213,610; his estate, $37,000; and his training and education, $213,610.

All this totals up to over $682 million—just 1 billion times less than the cost of a Death Star.

Do you think anyone earning that much in the world could be Batman?” – taken from Taxi Magazine

Why your office should have a nap room

18 Aug

I found this info-graphic on ‘Mashable’, and I think its a great idea. But not just in an office maybe in schools and colleges too? Its laid out with clear accuracy and colours which are soft which make the type easy to read. See what you think.